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MICROS maintains its reputation for providing innovative and superior products to

the hospitality industry throughout the world with the MICROS e7. MICROS e7 is a

robust point-of-sale solution, with the high quality, reliability and extensive features that

the marketplace has grown to expect from MICROS, packaged specifically for the

independent restaurateur at an affordable price-point.


MICROS e7 is a complete solution that utilizes MICROS's revolutionary Workstation

4 (WS4) POS terminal platform and MICROS's 25+ years of industry leading

software solutions.


     Micros e7 POS                          






mymicros.net is a content rich Internet portal for the restaurant industry that includes access to hosted applications for point-of-sale, back office, data warehousing, business intelligence and other business applications and content, creating the next-generation model of restaurant enterprise systems and extending the capability for existing MICROS customers. New features include:


  • Near real-time alerts and report distribution - provides business critical information to your cell phone, pager, or Blackberry.
  • iCare - full featured enterprise CRM and Stored Value card program, delivering "anonymous" and "identified" customer reporting
  • iQuery - harnesses the power of Microsoft Excel for easy to use custom reporting
  • Financial Forms - delivers an enterprise solution for simple ledgers, P&Ls, DSRs, etc.
  • EMS - seamlessly manages 3700, 8700, and 9700 databases
  • mymicros Inventory - next generation of enterprise inventory supporting 3700, 8700, and 9700





Purpose-Built POS Color Touchscreens




Built on the robust Microsoft Windows CE .NET platform, the MICROS WS4 is capable of stand-alone operations running the industry's leading point-of-sale (POS) software: MICROS 3700, e7 and 9700 POS. The open system design allows inter-operability with Windows compatible applications and POS peripherals. The WS4 ships with client management software to promote easy loading, upgrading, and remote management of software applications. This allows a restaurant to expand its POS systems by simply plugging the hardware into the network and answering a few simple questions.


    Workstation/4 Thin Client Terminal




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