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Once you really know your customers and increase their spent, Como Sense expands your POS to do just that.


Businesses with Como Sense show 48% rise on purchase frequency and 41% jump on monthly purchase amounts.


The real story of Como Sense is the powerful engine behind it all, making sense of your customer data, turning it into insights and giving you tools to act on them to grow sales.  You'll have a customize mobile optic keeps the best of your business in your customer's pocket.


Your customers register through the app and then you can start connecting with them and send special offers, the more they purchase the more points, credit or punches they accumulate.  And that brings me back to your business, you can even send them scratch cards just one of many promotional tools they love.


When it comes to your content, display your products on a catalog or menu, show your location and get customer feedback too.


Now, let's see how seemless connectivity with your POS makes it smart, fast and easy.


First, you identify customers either by a phone number or a code in the app, you'll see their updated customer profile in real time and offer them personlized promotions and deals.  Customers can also redeem awards or pay with their cash back balance, right afterwards, the member is automalically sent an smart message with the pre-set incentive.


Let's look at your control panel, the user friendly way to get business insights and manage your loyalty program.  You'll get real time performance data, demographic analysis of your customers, a breakdown of your loyalty program, trends and much more.


Como Sense is driven by your business goals.  Let's say that one of your goals is to perk up your slow times, you can shoot off a targeted promotion by selecting the members you want and contacting them fast.  For example, send your VIP's a one plus one offer that is valid for those specific hours, best of all, you can automate each process to run completely on its own 24/7 sending gifts, thank you's and reminders based on each customers history and preferences.


Our team is here to share best practices and guide you every step of the way.


Como Sense takes your business into the digital age, right along side the world's biggest chains.


Are you ready to be there?



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