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Hi there I'm Macey with Ordermark.


In the past few years online ordering for restaurants has gone from a convenient trend to an explosive force with 82% of Americans ordering out every month. These online ordering platforms like Doordash, Postmates and Uber Eats keep sending you more customers and earn you more revenue.


The more platforms you are on the more customers you're able to reach and the more revenue you earn. But with these additional customers and revenue streams comes more complexity, additional tablets, printers, fax machines and email addresses


Keeping up with multiple online ordering platforms can be a true challenge filled with daily headaches.


With Ordermark online ordering is about to get a whole lot easier. Ordermark sends all of your online orders from all your different platforms to a single printer and dashboard.


When an order is placed it shows up on your single Ordermark dashboard and then immediately prints from the Ordermark printer. With all your online orders streamline to a single dashboard your staff doesn't need to spend time confirming orders or running tickets up and down the prep line instead, they can focus on serving your customers and preparing great food. And if something comes up like you need to 86 a menu item or a driver doesn't show up Ordermark is here to help our round-the-clock support team is your single point of contact providing support for all your online ordering needs across all your online ordering platforms.


What are you waiting to get started with Ordermark today, visit us at



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